Uncovering Community Services in Franklin County, Ohio

Are you looking for community services in Franklin County OH? The Central Ohio Agency on Aging (COAAA) can help you with public services housing elderly prescription drug assistance professional training workshops.

Uncovering Community Services in Franklin County, Ohio

Are you in search of community services in Franklin County, Ohio? The Central Ohio Agency on Aging (COAAA) is here to help you with public services, housing for the elderly, prescription drug assistance, and professional training and workshops. COAAA plans, funds, and provides services to help older adults and people with disabilities stay safe and independent in their homes. They also connect people to community resources that may not be offered through their programs. Food is available Monday through Friday from noon to 3 p.m., and on Wednesday from 5 p.m.

to 7 p.m. The COAAA offers a variety of topics to help people learn about and manage their health. Whether you are a person who wants to live independently, a caregiver or a professional, their staff is here to provide you with information, services and support. The mission of the COAAA is to inform and support people as they cope with the experience of aging or disability. Their vision is that individuals and families have knowledge and access to the information and resources they need to live life with dignity and independence.

With the help of providers in the area, the COAAA organizes and coordinates services to help people with activities of daily living, such as household chores, transportation, home meals, personal care, and more. They also provide education and resources to caregivers, professionals, and the public, and advocate for programs and policies that benefit older adults and people with disabilities. COAAA manages services for 15,000 people and funds services for another 25,000 older adults in eight counties: Delaware, Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, and Union. Information on the demographics of the county and partner organizations is available on their county information page. The COAAA friendly calling program connects a volunteer with a person receiving services through the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging for a friendly chat once or twice a week. Sometimes an older adult or a person with a disability would like additional social interaction, and this program is designed to connect them with a community volunteer for six months of friendly calls.

A one-time background check is required at the COAAA before bonding with a consumer. There is no cost for the volunteer. The Program and Services Summary Guide explains the programs, services, and eligibility for programs administered by the COAAA. Many programs offer an alternative for people who need more care but not a nursing home. A managed care organization oversees health care (in Central Ohio Aetna Better Health of Ohio or Molina Healthcare of Ohio).

Services are similar to PASSPORT and include medical care, long-term care, behavioral health services, and care coordination. The COAAA provides in-home exemption service coordination. The Franklin County Developmental Disabilities Board (FCBDD) is a county agency that provides support to children and adults who have developmental disabilities. Services are provided to residents of Franklin County, Ohio. A limited number of people who have already tried all other local programs and assistance options may be able to receive assistance from the Joint Organization for Urban Center Needs.

Dial (61) 241-2531 for more information. The organization has limited funding and strict criteria but may be able to provide limited financial assistance to pay bills (when available) for electricity, water, natural gas, and heating oil. Help qualified people once every 12 months. The Franklin County Department of Labor and Family Services provides emergency programs and financial assistance if a child is in the home or if other conditions are met. Medicaid waiver programs help provide long-term care services in the community to people who would otherwise be in an institution or nursing home and would meet eligibility requirements. Learn about the various assistance and social services programs offered by Catholic Charities in Columbus and Franklin Counties. Franklin County Catholic Charities: While this agency offers several programs most of them focus on helping older people.

Look for other forms of assistance including from the Franklin County Department of Employment and Family Services. A primary focus is providing financial assistance to low-income elderly and disabled people in the Franklin County Ohio area. If you're having financial difficulties and can't pay your rent read Franklin County rent help and the agencies that offer help. Social Services & Emergency Relief: The Franklin County Department of Labor & Family Services provides resources to low-income unemployed & struggling people. Program participants commit to case management services & generally receive limited financial assistance to maintain their housing. Local residents of Franklin County Ohio can receive free legal aid consultation & representation from volunteers as well as from a government-funded company. In addition to that SSCH will care for your children with free day care & education aims to strengthen the family with social services & parenting classes professionals will also care for older people in the community with critical services care & respect. The Legal Aid Society provides free legal help to low-to-moderate income individuals who live in Franklin County Lutheran Services of Central North South Ohio administers several programs for low-income people & homeless people who are behind on paying rent.

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